spottedrose (spottedrose) wrote,

Je vous present...

This rose was listed in my notes as 2008-27, an open-pollinated seedling of 'La Belle Sultane.' I've always loved LBS because along with a very few other decidedly magenta roses, it has a very powerful blue component that I can see but not satisfactorily describe or photograph. Well, this seedling has it in spades!

Altogether this is an absolutely wonderful little rose. Good fragrance (so far as I can tell, I can barely smell anything anymore), deep, rich color, nice size and all this on a compact, round bush just covered with flowers. It will be interesting to see how this plant matures.

One oddity I have noticed about this flower: unlike its parent (and just about all the other gallicas I know), it closes its petals at dusk, like a wild rose.
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