spottedrose (spottedrose) wrote,

More Roselings

So far I have ten seedlings of the "Fa's Marbled Moss" x 'Song of the Stars' cross, all from one hip which contained 24 seeds. Today the first seedling of any of the other crosses I've made has come up. This is a cross of a local wild rose, R. woodsii ultramontana, and the found rose "Fort Pella Purple."

The latter, FPP in my records, is a very interesting rose. When left on its own it is a large shrub or small climber, and when cared for well it climbs with abandon. It roots if you blink at it. Flowers are small, very strongly magenta with a definite blue glow to my eyes, with about 20 petals. There are almost no thorns, and no sign of multiflora in its background. Unfortunately, all attempts to get it to set hips have failed. I've never gotten any in the garden, and the wild plant from which my plant came has never had a hip on it.

I made several crosses this year, using it as a pollen parent. No matter what I crossed it with, I only got two or three seeds per hip. This particular hip had only two seeds in it, so I was really happy to see this seedling pop up.

The rest of the seedlings are all happy and growing on well. Two of them are already in gallon pots, having grown roots out the bottoms of 5 inch deep cups before making their first five-leaflet leaves. I have very high hopes for this cross.
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