spottedrose (spottedrose) wrote,

Seeds are in!

Well, it's been a short, weird summer.  It's not even the end of August yet and the roses and cottonwoods are dropping their leaves.

In the last two weeks I've collected, shelled and sorted all the hips that matured, and these are now sitting in vermiculite-filled egg cartons, out in the greenhouse, waiting for September 1, when they'll all go into the fridge. 

A great many of the crosses I tried to make didn't take.  Nothing took on Persian Yellow, which I more or less expected.  Nothing took on Aschermittwoch either, though.  Toujours Gai also turns out to be a disappointing seed parent, with only the cross I made to Tuscany Superb producing a mature hip.  "Fort Pella Purple," which I love because of its strong blue aura, set no hips, but I did get some crosses of it to Fa's Marbled Moss (I crossed FMM with everything, as usual.)

One thing I am looking forward to is the cross of R. woodsii fendleri with Persian Yellow., from which I got 11 seeds. 

I crossed Dots Enough (arkansana) with everything I could find as well, and got a lot of seeds from that quarter.  Used it only as a pollen parent this year, but will be able to use it as a seed parent next year as it is now growing, and happily blooming, in my garden.

Curiously this year, the hips I've gotten typically did not contain very many seeds (except for FMM which had 40-60 each as a rule), but the seeds I did get were lovely and large.  So.......... here's hoping!
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