spottedrose (spottedrose) wrote,

Crosses for 2009

Okay, so... hybridising season is over, and propagating season has begun.  Here are the crosses I've made this year.  Some have already died off, but here you go.

aschermittwoch    fa's marbled moss
aschermittwoch    marbree
aschermittwoch    veilchenblau
baron giraud de l'ain    marbree
basye's purple    dots enough
belle organdy    dots enough
botzaris    alain blanchard
burgundy iceberg    dots enough
burgundy iceberg    marbree
burgundy iceberg    r.canina
capt. john ingram    fa's marbled moss
cardinal de richelieu    dots enough
cardinal de richelieu    dragon's blood
cardinal de richelieu    fa's marbled moss
cee dee moss    fort pella purple
chicago peace    dots enough
chicago peace    fa's marbled moss
chicago peace    tuscany superb
cinco de mayo    alain blanchard
cinco de mayo    basye's purple
cinco de mayo    dots enough
cinco de mayo    fa's marbled moss
cinco de mayo    stainless steel
cinco de mayo    veilchenblau
coffee bean    camieux
coffee bean    candy cane
coffee bean    fort pella purple
coffee bean    song of the stars
daphne    fa's marbled moss
distant drums    dots enough
distant drums    fa's marbled moss
distant drums    halo glory
double treat    fa's marbled moss
dragon's blood    fa's marbled moss
dragon's blood    fa's morning stars
dragon's blood    halo glory
dragon's blood    imperatrice farrah
dragon's blood    marbree
dragon's blood    r. glauca
fa's marbled moss    baron giraud de l'ain
fa's marbled moss    burgundy iceberg
fa's marbled moss    camieux
fa's marbled moss    chicago peace
fa's marbled moss    cinco de mayo
fa's marbled moss    dots enough
fa's marbled moss    dragon's blood
fa's marbled moss    fort pella purple
fa's marbled moss    gingersnap
fa's marbled moss    honorine de brabant
fa's marbled moss    L83
fa's marbled moss    morden fireglow
fa's marbled moss    mystery mini
fa's marbled moss    nuits de young
fa's marbled moss    oranges n lemons
fa's marbled moss    paul's crested moss
fa's marbled moss    purple tiqer
fa's marbled moss    r.f.persica
fa's marbled moss    rose gilardi
fa's marbled moss    smoky
fa's marbled moss    song of the stars
fa's marbled moss    sterling silver
fa's marbled moss    tuscan sun
fa's marbled moss    veilchenblau
fa's morning stars    camieux
fa's morning stars    L83
fa's morning stars    r.f.persica
fort pella purple    dots enough
fort pella purple    la belle sultane
fort pella purple    playgold
fort pella purple    r.f.persica
fragrant cloud    fa's marbled moss
fragrant cloud    r.w.ultramontana
freckles    candy cane
freckles    dots enough
freckles    fa's marbled moss
freckles    song of the stars
george burns    camieux
george burns    cee dee moss
george burns    L83
gingersnap    cinco de mayo
gingersnap    dots enough
gingersnap    fa's marbled moss
gingersnap    fort pella purple
gingersnap    r.w.ultramontana
golden buddha    fa's marbled moss
golden celebration    alain blanchard
golden celebration    belle organdy
golden celebration    burgundy iceberg
golden celebration    distant drums
golden celebration    dots enough
golden celebration    r.glauca
golden sunblaze    r.w.ultramontana
halo glory    dots enough
halo glory    dragon's blood
halo glory    fa's morning stars
halo glory    r.canina
henri martin    coffee bean
henri martin    dragon's blood
honorine de brabant    alain blanchard
honorine de brabant    rose gilardi
jon singer    alain blancbard
jon singer    oranges n lemons
jon singer    tuscan sun
jon singer    veilchenblau
kordes perfecta    fa's marbled moss
kordes perfecta    smoky
kordes perfection    fa's marbled moss
la belle sultane    r.w.ultramontana
leda    r.canina
leda    r.multiflora
léda    r.w.ultramontana
maman ichiko    midnight blue
maman ichiko    veilchenblau
marbree    distant drums
marbree    dragon's blood
marbree    r.f.persica
marbree    song of the stars
marbree    tuscan sun
midnight blue    veilchenblau
morden fireglow    basye's purple
morden fireglow    dots enough
morden fireglow    fa's marbled moss
morden fireglow    paul's crested moss
morden fireglow    r.canina
morden fireglow    smoky
morden fireglow    sterling silver
morden fireglow    toujours gai
morden fireglow    veilchenblau
mystery mini    r.glauca
mystery mini    stars n stripes
nuits de young    dots enough
nuits de young    fa's marbled moss
oranges n lemons    alain blancbard
oranges n lemons    basye's purple
oranges n lemons    cinco de mayo
oranges n lemons    r.glauca
oranges n lemons    r.w.ultramontana
oranges n lemons    veilchenblau
paul's orange    fa's marbled moss
purple tiger    dots enough
purple tiger    fa's marbled moss
purple tiger    oranges n lemons
purple tiger    song of the stars
r.f.persica    dots enough
r.f.persica    dragon's blood
r.f.persica    fa's marbled moss
r.f.persica    la belle sultane
r.f.persica    r.canina
r.f.persica    r.glauca
r.f.persica    r.multiflora
r.f.persica    song of the stars
r.glauca    candy cane
r.glauca    sterling silver
r.w.fendleri    dots enough
r.w.fendleri    r.f.persica
r.w.ultramontana    fort pella purple
r.w.ultramontana    L83
ranuncle    alain blanchard
ranuncle    fa's marbled moss
ranuncle    gingersnap
reine des violettes    dots enough
reine des violettes    dragon's blood
reine des violettes    r.f.persica
reine des violettes    r.w.ultramontana
reine des violettes    stainless steel
rose gilardi    dots enough
ruby meilland    aschermittwoch
ruby meilland    candy cane
ruby meilland    dots enough
scarlet mini    fort pella purple
scarlet parade    song of the stars
scentsational    dots enough
scentsational    playgold
smoky    burgundy iceberg
smoky    halo glory
song of the stars    dots enough
song of the stars    fa's marbled moss
song of the stars    fa's morning stars
stainless steel    nuits de young
starry day    dots enough
starry day    golden celebration
starry day    song of the stars
stars n stripes    fa's marbled moss
sterling silver    fara shimbo
tessellations    chicago peace
tessellations    dots enough
tessellations    song of the stars
toujours gai    alain blanchard
toujours gai    basye's purple
toujours gai    burgundy iceberg
toujours gai    cincc de mayo
toujours gai    distant drums
toujours gai    dots enough
toujours gai    midnight blue
toujours gai    morden fireglow
toujours gai    paul's crested moss
toujours gai    purple tiger
toujours gai    purple tiger
toujours gai    smoky
toujours gai    tuscany superb
tradescant    fa's marbled moss
tradescant    song of the stars
tuscan sun    dots enough
tuscan sun    double treat
tuscan sun    fort pella purple
tuscany superb    r.glauca
tyscany superb    r.w.ultramontana
veilchenblau    cincc de mayo
veilchenblau    halo glory

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