spottedrose (spottedrose) wrote,

A disappointing year, overall...

Some years everything goes right, and some years you just want to bang your head against walls.

As for the established plants, the year started out really well, and I was looking forward to a long blooming season full of beautiful roses.  Since then, it's been extremely humid here (out here, "humid" generally means anything over 20%, but we've been having East Coast type humidity!) and often quite dark with weeks on end of overcast days.  As a result, everything started quite late and mildew was rife--as were potato beetles!  As if the mildew and beetle damage weren't bad enough, the dark days caused many of the roses which normally bloom a dark pink to be very pale.  "Fa's Marbled Moss" was not particularly effected, but 'Toujours Gai' didn't show any of the mutability it normally does.  Even roses as disparate as 'Ruby Meillandecor' and 'Maman Ichiko' were paler, and neither developed their purple/black haze as they normally do.  'New Dawn,' usually a soft pink, is white this year.

As for seedlings, the 2'Toujours Gai'007 bunch (those which were not eaten by rabbits) had some interest but on looking over them more critically as the season went by, there is only one I think I will keep.  "Fa's Marbled Moss" tends to throw lots of variations on 'Toujours Gai' but I must say, the original is still the best.  'Toujours Gai,' always the late-bloomer in the garden, began after most of the worst weather settled down, and is just a beautiful little shrub.  Even though the flowers weren't as dark as usual this year, they still had their merry, crinkled appearance and fine scent.

So far I've made about 250 crosses for next year.  Many of these have not taken, but the vast majority have. Once I'm done I'll post a list of what I've crossed and what's taken.

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