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First flower from a new rose, and various notes...

After two years of waiting, here is the first flower from a cross of "Fa's Marbled Moss" and 'Marbree.'

As usual with all FMM's offspring, the first flowers are small.  Sometimes they get bigger, and sometimes they don't.  They are never as spotted the first (and sometimes the second) year as they will be once mature, but if there are spots at all on the young plant, there will be spots aplenty later on.

I was hoping I would see 'Marbree'-like spots in this flower, but I don't, at least, not yet.  'Marbree' did warm up the color somewhat, though; this is noticably more "blush" in tone than is FMM, which is pink-leaning-toward-lavender.

There is a slight fragrance and the plant is, so far, pretty disease resistant.  I can't say this for a sibling, a rose which just bloomed this morning and is, in every way, identical to this one except that it's a moss.  Alas, that rose is terribly mildew-prone and now that I can record its color and moss results, will be discarded.  This one, 2007-6, deserves at least another year of watching, I think.

Not a lot of posting recently as I've been either working or out in the garden making various crosses for next year/2011.  I've been trying to think what the goal of my breeding program is, with no luck.  I guess I'd havee better luck if I had an actual breeding program.  As it is, there isn't anything I'm aiming at, specifically, except to get spotted roses in as many colors as I can, and work out, in so far as is possible, the genetics of color inheritance.

One thing I do try to be sure to do, when not specifically crossing for color information, is to make sure I don't cross two roses of the same type.  Large-flowered roses (I agree with those who think "hybrid tea" no longer has any actual meaning) I tend to cross with ramblers and damasks.  Ramblers I cross with minis and gallicas.  Mosses I cross with everything.  Albas with English roses... etc.  So far I've only made one modern-to-modern cross: Cinco de Mayo to Sterling Silver.

The color changes one gets from Cinco de Mayo are just amazing.  Except for the yellow and orange of the young flowers, the rose reminds me strongly of  'Veilchenblau.'  (I've made a few crosses of these two, as well.)  I was wondering what would happen  if I were to get the rosacyanin that appears to be in here together with the rosacyanin in Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel (which isn't blooming at the moment).  I might make some crosses of this and Midnight Blue as well.


Now I can only wait and see.  And for once, getting old is not such a bad thing.   Even twenty years ago, the wait for next year would have been interminable.  Now I make a cross, two years go by, the flower blooms... and I have no recollection of what happened in the meantime!

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